Our Process

At Lifekive, your most cherished memories are in good hands. A lot of good hands.

A team of 10 professionals, including photographers, editors, designers and storytellers, will combine their passion and expertise over many hours to deliver you a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake.







Planning & Storytelling

Once we receive your Lifekive Starter Kit, our team members will thoughtfully catalog your items and study the information you've shared. After an initial review, a storyteller will reach out to you for questions and clarification, if necessary. Then, they'll put together a custom project plan with the goal of crafting a cohesive narrative that best tells your unique story.


Next, the preservation begins. Using the best equipment in the business, our professional photographers will light and shoot your photos and memorabilia, capturing them as clearly and vividly as possible. If any of your original photos are significantly worn, we may recommend our photo restoration services. You can learn more about photo restoration on our FAQ page.

Editing & Design

When photography is complete, each image will be expertly edited to showcase its contents. Then, our storytellers will design your book, adding text and captions based on what you've shared with us. The result is a beautifully woven together narrative.


A client ambassador will keep you posted on progress, answer your questions along the way, and deliver proofs to review so that you can make sure everything is perfect. Once you're completely satisfied, your book will go to press, your digital library will be exported, and all of your original items will be safely returned to you. High-fives, hugs, and victory dances will happen.

Our Commitment