Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer your most common questions here. If you have further questions, please reach out to us.


Can I send more than 150 items?

Yes! Your Lifekive Signature Package includes up to 150 pieces. We strongly recommend at least 150 items — that includes photos, digital photos, and artifacts. The more we have, the richer and more meaningful the end products will be.  If you are including more than 150 items, you will be charged $2.00 per each additional physical item (which covers the total cost of photography, editing, story telling, and book printing).


How does the "deposit only" checkout option work?

The deposit only option starts the Lifekive process for you. We send you the starter kit so you can collect your memories and send them back to us. We will invoice you the difference between the full package price ($799) and your deposit after we receive your items. If you send more than the 150 items included in the Signature Package, that additional charge will be added to your invoice (see below for pricing on additional items).


If I want to send additional digital photos, will they be priced the same as other additional items?

While additional physical items are $2 each, we offer discounted bundles for additional digital photos (e.g. 50 for $85, 100 for $160, and 150 for $225). Your starter kit will include a pricing list for additional items, and you can always reach out to us with questions.


What kind of items do you suggest I send?

Anything you feel would add meaning to the story we’re helping you tell. Photos (digital and physical), letters, invitations, diplomas, cards, medals, jewelry, newspaper articles, tickets, journal pages, favorite clothing items, funeral programs/condolence cards/obituaries (if applicable), and other memorabilia/momentos. We'll included a Suggested Items list in your Lifekive starter kit to guide you as well.


How should I organize my items?

We strongly recommend that you organize your items chronologically or in another order you prefer, so that we can best tell your story. We provide materials in your starter kit to help you securely pack and group your items, as well as our recommendations for organizing your artifacts.


Can you curate my items and pick which fit best in the story?

If you want to send a surplus of items and have us narrow down what items best tell your story, we will charge a $50 / hour curation fee for our storytellers to review your items before they get photographed. 


What if I have trouble loading images to the USB?

As with every step of our process, we’re here to help. Reach out to us, and a client ambassador will walk you through it.


How long will it take to get my book once I send in my items?

Our process for capturing your artifacts and weaving together a compelling story is done with care. You can expect to get your book proof 6-12 weeks after we receive your starter kit. It's very dependent on how many items you send back. Your book will arrive about two weeks after you approve your book proof.


What’s the size of the starter kit you send me?

It’s a custom made, 275# (very sturdy), 24” x 18” x 4” crush-proof box specifically designed to protect your valuable contents. It comes with a large weather proof ziplock bag and several organizational items to help you pack your valuables.


Do you send my items and photos back? Are my items protected?

Yes, we return all items to you once you’ve received your book. Your USB with all of your edited, digital images will also be included in your return shipment. We provide peace of mind coverage for your belongings of $500 each way (when they are shipped to us and returned to you). This protection covers the rare chance a package is misplaced during UPS shipping.


What if I forget to send something and need to send in more items?

Get in touch with us and we’ll send you a shipping label so you can send the additional items in to us.


Do I get to review my book and make edits before it’s printed?

Yes, we will send you a book proof for review before the book is printed. At this point, you can provide edits before it goes to print. We allocate up to one hour of edits for our storytellers at this stage, which is typically more than enough for our client projects. If however, you require more extensive edits additional fees may be incurred. We will obtain your written approval prior to moving ahead with those additional edits to ensure there are no surprises.


Will I be able to get extra copies of the book for other family members?

Yes, you can definitely order extra copies here. We will send you all the details about ordering duplicates at the time you review and approve your online book proof. Lay-flat duplicate books are $269 per book copy. 


What kinds of occasions can I use Lifekive for? 

Clients have used Lifekive to celebrate entire lifetimes, birthdays, anniversaries, career milestones, graduations, and weddings. If you have another occasion to celebrate or remember, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you on that as well.


How will you know who is in each of my photos?

We send you an online questionnaire once you order that outlines the important people in your story. You can also label the back of your photos or the envelopes we provide, as well as including names as part of the file names of your digital photos. There are further instructions in your Lifekive starter kit that will help you label and organize your pieces.


What is the family questionnaire and when should I fill it out?

The family questionnaire is a companion piece to your Lifekive starter kit and will help us better tell your story.  You can fill it out once you send your Lifekive starter kit back to us; it is a requirement before we begin working on your story. If you have not filled out your family questionnaire, please do so here.


What are the specifications of the Signature Package Book?

The Signature Package book is 11x11, lay-flat, 400 gsm lustre paper, deluxe hardcover (either leather or buckram) with the title engraved/embossed. It comes in an accompanying slipcase that’s also engraved/embossed with the title. Books are typically between 50-120 pages, depending on how many items you send back. You can find out more details about the book here. These books are designed and printed to last forever.


Can I give Lifekive as a gift?

Definitely! Many of our customers have gifted Lifekive — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime gift. We have Lifekive gift cards for a variety of denominations available here.


Can I get a digital version of my book to share with family? Is there a way to get digital photos of all of my items?

The book proof we send you is essentially a digital version of your book. You can share the link with family and friends, and you can access that link indefinitely. As part of your Signature Package we will send back your starter kit with all your professionally photographed and edited digital images on the USB.


Can I cancel my order?

We allow for cancellations within 24 hours of placing your order — we’ll refund your purchase minus a $50 cancellation fee. There are no refunds after 24 hours.


Is there a deadline for when I can send my Lifekive kit back?

Yes, Lifekive kits need to be sent back within a year from the purchase date. (There’s no deadline but we can only guarantee pricing for 12 months, after which additional fees may apply.)


Tell me more about your digital photo restoration process.

If your photos are significantly damaged, we recommend our photo restoration process. We will digitally repair your photos to the best of our ability. These may include scratches, folds, or tears. The price for this more extensive editing/repair process ranges from $15-$50/photo, but largely depends on the extent of the damage. We will confirm the price once we assess your photos. Here’s an example of a damaged photo after restoration.