The Lifekive Story

Genesis knew that we had the resources to turn her stacks of memories into something special — but what, exactly? We began to brainstorm different ways that we could showcase her grandmother's beloved treasures and tell her story. As we brought in multiple team members and got to work, we began to create the ultimate memory book to commemorate her grandmother, integrating photos and artifacts with stories.

We printed multiple copies of the book for Genesis to give as gifts to different relatives. We included all of her edited photos in a digital library, so that Genesis could share her grandmother's story with every member of her family, no matter where they were. It was tons of work, but the results were breathtaking and emotional. We knew we had to bring this to other people.

Our team, experience, and infrastructure have allowed us to offer a
higher quality product than our competitors at a more affordable price.

Who We Are

We’re the people you’re going to trust with some of your most cherished memories and belongings, and that's something we don't take lightly. The Kive Company has helped hundreds of thousands of families celebrate and preserve their memories for nearly a decade, starting with children's artwork. Over the years, we've grown into an extended family of artists, storytellers, photographers and designers who share a passion for celebrating what matters most. 

Our Process