Preserve the treasured stories of the people who matter most

Gift your loved one Lifekive and we'll help them to transform their memories and photos into a beautiful keepsake book. The perfect way to honor their legacy and uncover stories you’ve never heard - together.


How It Works

Email Responses

Your loved one will submit responses and photos by email.

Weekly Prompts

Each week your loved one will receive a memory prompt.

Memory Book

We compile their responses in a beautifully bound book.


Keepsake Books and Prompts

What is your favorite activity to do with people you love?

The story of a 50-year marriage

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

Meet Your Lifekive Book


We send meaningful prompts that elicit thoughtful responses so memories are preserved and highlighted in your book.


Our tools grant you the creative license to select formats, colors, and cover options to make sure each keepsake reflects the identity of its author.


Your book is hardcover with colored pages, befitting of all the memories inside. Easy to share or order copies for loved ones.

How do I get started sharing memories?

Sign up today, and we'll begin sending prompts to help your loved one share memories and create a once-in-a-lifetime memory book that will become an instant family heirloom.

Giving Lifekive Lets You...

Give a priceless gift that helps you discover untold family stories from your loved one.

Capture a legacy in an heirloom book to share with future generations.

Share a meaningful experience that brings your family closer together.


Our Lifekive Customers

I had no idea this existed and I'm so grateful that my son wanted to hear and remember my stories.

Anna Miller

Gifted by my son, Marco

My grandma always shares memories about my mom growing up, and I wanted to hold onto those and all the other wisdom she has.

Kahla Barkan

Gifted to my grandmother, Hazel

Eleanor is a master storyteller, but we have nothing recorded or written down. She's ill now, and I'm so happy she could do this while she was well.

Thomas Chin

Gifted to my wife, Eleanor

Lifekive FAQs


Will my loved one be able to do this?

We make it super easy to respond to the prompts. Just reply to the email, type your answer, and attach any photos you want. You can also edit any parts of the books and add photos when you review it before we print it.


When am I able to print out my book?

We recommend waiting until you've answered twenty prompts so that the book is at least twenty pages.


How do I let you know who the gift is for?

During checkout you'll be able to provide your recipient's name and email, as well as a gift message that will be sent to them. We will then send all prompts to your recipient so they can share their memories and create an amazing book.


What does the final memory book look like?

Your memory book will be 6x9, hardcover with a colored cover. The inside will have colored or black text and colored photos. You can customize your font type/color, page layout, and cover design/title when you review and send your book to print.


Can I review and make changes to my memory book before it's printed?

Yes! We encourage you to make any edits to the written memories, add photos, customize the font, and personalize your cover before you send it to print so it best reflects you and your special memories.

"My dad passed away when I was a teenager. I would treasure having access to just a handful of his stories and memories. But I gifted this to my mother, and it has been amazing to see her book of memories and photographs come together."

Devin Berrardo, Madison, WI

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